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About Pima

Organisational Assistance for Museums in the Pacific

PIMA         http://www.pima-museum.com/

The Pacific Island Museum Association works to assist with all areas of museum development, including education in conservation, and related fields of collection care and maintenance.   PIMA was formed in 1997 in order to devise solutions to the common challenges that Pacific Island museums face. In 1998 the organisation became officially incorporated as part of ICOM, the International Council of Museums.

PIMA consists of a membership, a voluntary board who represent museums and cultural organizations in twenty [XX] countries and territories, and the staff of the secretariat. To date, the organisation has created a network of [XX] museums and cultural centers throughout the Pacific and has advocated for the development of regional cultural resource management policies and practices.

In 2006, PIMA developed a Code of Ethics to promote best practice and the ethical management of Pacific island’s cultural heritage, including provision supporting the reconnection of ex-situ objects located domestically or internationally with their originator or creator communities.  PIMA has also from time to time facilitated training, through courses and workshops as a forum for the exchange of values, information and ideas, on the development of exhibits and other regional projects. PIMA continues to provide and encourage regional and global linkages, with individuals and organisations that support museums.

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Mission Statement

PIMA is the first regional,multilingual,multicultural, non profit organisation that assist Pacific Museums,cultural centres and peoples to preserve Pacific Island heritage.

Working together,preserving,celebrating and nurturing the heritage of the peoples of the Pacific Islands.

Pima Overview

The Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA) brings together museums, cultural centres and heritage institution professionals in the Pacific region to develop capacity to identify,research,manage, interpret and nurture Pacific Island cultural and natural heritage.
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