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Pima's Activities

The Pacific Island heritage institutions are characterised by a scarcity of financial and skilled human resources, unplanned development and a lack of political support. Most institutions have inadequate technology and equipment. Additionally institutions responsible for safeguarding Pacific culture are often designed after Western museums – that is, as places to conserve and display cultural materials. In essence they are tourist attractions, used little by local communities.
Institutions, collections and heritage sites pose particular problems in the Pacific – problems that are attributable to high levels of humidity and salt in the atmosphere, voracious tropical insects and mould. In addition, cyclones often lead to devastating damage.

The sharing of information and experience between institutions in the region is complicated by the vast distances, which in turn increase cost of transport and communication. Until conservation, financial and human resources are available, the repatriation of cultural material from foreign museum and cultural institutions to the Pacific Islands remains problematic. SPC

PIMA has taken a leadership role in the region since its inception. It achievements since 1994 have been substantial. A series of very effective workshops funded by a range of donors and presented in different locations throughout the region have addressed many of the basic needs of museums and museum professions working in the region.

Training C

2006    Governance for Pacific Cultural Institutions (PIMA Training Course 9) Fiji
2006    Building for the Future: Designing New Museums for the Pacific (PIMA Training Course 8) Vanuatu
2006    Sustainable Heritage Development for Pacific Islands Museums and Cultural Centres (Australian National University Training Course with PIMA) Australia
2001     Audio Visual Workshop.  (PIMA Training Course 7) Vanuatu
2001    Cultural Interpretation of Heritage Sites in the Pacific. (PIMA Training Course 6) Palau
2000    Conservation and Design of a Traveling Exhibition, (PIMA Training Course 5) New Caledonia
1999     Museums, Management and the Community. (PIMA Directors Workshop 3) Vanuatu
1998     Techniques of Preserving Pacific Heritage Collections (PREMO/PIMA Training Course 4) Tahiti, French Polynesia
1997     Integrated Pest Management (PREMO/PIMA Training Course 3) Fiji
1996     Preserving Heritage Sites (PREMO/PIMA Training Course 2) Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
1994     Preserving Audio Visual Records (PREMO/PIMA Training Course 1) New Caledonia
1993     Disaster Preparedness.  (PREMO Directors Workshop 2) Palau
1993     Preservation by Museums of the Pacific Island States (PREMO Directors Workshop 1) Palau


Code of Ethics for Pacific Islands Museums & Cultural Centers  2006
Annual Reports 2005 & 2006
Final Reports, Directors' Workshops 1993 & 1994 & 1999
Final Reports, Courses 1994-2006
PIMA Directory of Museums and Professionals 1994 - 2002
PIMA News (produced quarterly) 1994 - ongoing
Cultural Interpretation of Heritage Sites in the Pacific  2001
Pacific History, Museums and Cultural Centres: 2003
a Guide for History Teachers
(with the Council of Presidents of Pacific Island History Associations)

Collaborative Exhibition

June 2003-May 2004 Pasifika Island Journeys – at the Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Canada

Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings

2007 – May Sydney
2006 – 29 January – 3 February, Canberra; Australia, (AGM & 3 Board Meetings)
2005 – 10-11 September, Nadi; Fiji
2003 – 29 June, Suva; Fiji
2002 – 21 August, Port Vila; Vanuatu & 19-22 September, Noumea; New Caledonia,
2001 – 13-14 December, Port Vila; Vanuatu
2000 – 19 February, Noumea; New Caledonia & 22 October Noumea; New Caledonia
1999 – 20-21 Feb, Noumea; New Caledonia, 21 Aug, Port Vila; Vanuatu & 29 Oct, Cairns; Australia
1998 –10 -12 October, Melbourne; Australia
1995 – 26-28 July, Port Vila; Vanuatu

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Mission Statement

PIMA is the first regional,multilingual,multicultural, non profit organisation that assist Pacific Museums,cultural centres and peoples to preserve Pacific Island heritage.

Working together,preserving,celebrating and nurturing the heritage of the peoples of the Pacific Islands.

Pima Overview

The Pacific Islands Museums Association (PIMA) brings together museums, cultural centres and heritage institution professionals in the Pacific region to develop capacity to identify,research,manage, interpret and nurture Pacific Island cultural and natural heritage.
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